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La Chaussée-St-Victor

La Chaussée-Saint-Victor is a town of about four thousand two hundred population and a participant in the agglomeration of Blois in the Loir-et-Cher département, part of the Centre region.  It can be found on the North western bank of the rive Loire, just to the North East of Blois.

This is a thriving community, which is very French but at the same time very actively European, with a vigorous and forward looking town council anxious to preserve the history of the town, but at the same time ensuring that it is Boulangerie At La Chausséeat the heart of all that is needed to continue a blossoming social and economic community.

The town is beside the A10 Autoroute and only about one hundred miles from Paris and is very well placed to encourage industry to its new and flourishing industrial estates on the outskirts.  At the same time it has an "old town" with small shops and businesses centred around the Mairie, the Church and La Poste, (the Post Office), and another group of shops along the main road, the route national, which took all the traffic from Blois to Orléans before the Autoroute was built.The old pressoir

The town's thriving community is helped by its many social clubs and organisations, which cover almost every sport and pastime imaginable, from football, tennis and cycling to old car clubs and support associations for typically ex-servicemen or ex-firemen.  We in Aylsham Twinning count ourselves very lucky to have made friends with members of many of these clubs and associations and are only too pleased to facilitate contact with like Church Street, la Chausséeorganisations at home.

To get a better flavour of our twin town please ask to see the video of the diaporama (a computer generated slide show display) which the town produced.  Please Contact us if you would like to see the video.  

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La Chaussée-Saint-Victor