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Aylsham Twinning 200 Club

What is it?

The 200 club was started in 2004 as a mean of raising extra funds for the Twinning needs, particularly for receiving our guests from the twin town and entertaining them.  It was also thought that it would be a little fun for our members, although it is open to all, not members only.  It is licensed by Broadland District Council.

How much goes to prizes?

At least 50 per cent of all monies are distributed as prizes, the balance being applied to twinning funds on an annual basis.  The proceeds from the club are presented to the Twinning Association by the next AGM (in the following February).  Prizes paid are around £1000 each year.

How often do I get a chance to win?

The draws take place monthly, and the prize fund is calculated from the number of members in the 200 club on the date of the draw.  There are three monthly prizes, with an extra bonus prize being drawn every quarter.

How much will it cost?

A Membership Share is £1 per month, but payable annually in advance, and therefore a share for twelve months is £12.

What do I do to join?

Just print off, complete and send off our application form (click on button below) with your payment.

Application Form

What is it?

Winners are announced periodically in the Aylsham Twinning Newsletters (click on button below) and are listed annually at the Annual General Meeting of Aylsham Twinning.